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Choral Composition Competition 2013

The adjudication process was very difficult and time-consuming, as we received so many wonderful entries.

The prize winners are:

1st place – Sub Tuum Praesidium – Paul Flynn (Co. Cavan, Ireland)
2nd place – Love Song to Language – William Clyne (Corona, CA)
3rd place – The Three Ravens – Christian Martin (Whitney Point, NY)

Thanks to all of you for submitting your materials. As a composer myself, I appreciate the time, dedication, and skill it requires to put forth such quality work.

Ross C. Bernhardt, D.M.A.
Artistic Director, Corpus Christi Chorale
Director of Choral Activities, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Mr Flynn’s and Mr Martin’s compositions are featured at our Choral Celebration concert. Mr Clyne’s will be featured at the Spring 2014 concert.


  1. Congratulations William Clyne!
    Your hard and persistent work in Harmony Classes at Irvine Valley College have been a success and obtaining this award shows just how dedicated and talented you are!
    Your instructor:
    Dr. Daniel Luzko

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