Who sponsors Corpus Christi Chorale?
As a non-profit organization, the Board provides organizational structure including fundraising for accompanists and instrumentalists, printing costs, etc. Chorale is one of the ensembles associated with TAMU-CC. The University provides the artistic director and space for rehearsals and performances.

What kind of music do you sing?
Our singers (and audiences) enjoy music that makes them both think and feel what it means to be truly human. Every season has both world-class sacred and secular music from many times and many places.

What kind of musical experience do I need to have?
Usually, new members have some choral music background and know at least the basics of reading music. We hope that every member continues to grow in their development of skills.

What are auditions like?
We simply want to hear your voice, see what range is comfortable for you, and check out your basic instincts for melody and harmony. This includes a very simple sight-reading component.

When are rehearsals?
Rehearsals are on Tuesday nights 7:30-9:30 in TAMU-CC, Center for the Arts, Room 136.

Does it cost anything to be in the Chorale?
There are no fees for joining the Chorale. We ask that members cover the cost of their music for each concert. Average cost per concert: $25-30. Members also need a parking pass from the University at a nominal cost.

When are performances?
We typically have concerts in October, March, and May, plus the Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert in December.

Is it fun being in Chorale?
Yes? But come and find out for yourself.

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