2016-2017 Concert Season

Our concert season for 2016-2017 was as follows:

October 11th, 2016: "Heaven and Earth: The Art of Listening"                  

March 7th, 2017: "Echoes of Sacred Spaces"

May 2nd, 2017: "Once Upon A Time"

Heaven & Earth: The Art Of Listening

(October 11th, 2016)

Our Heaven & Earth: The Art Of Listening concert premiered October 11, 2016 at 7:30 PM.


Concert Program:

O Radiant Dawn by James MacMillan
Sunrise Mass by Ola Gjeilo
        The Spheres
        The City
        Identity and The Ground

Stars by Eriks Esenvalds
Tres Cantos Nativos by Marcos Leite

Echoes of Sacred Spaces

(March 7th, 2017)

Our Echoes of Scared Spaces concert premiered March 7th 2019 at 7:30 PM in the Performing Arts Center at TAMU-CC. Tickets were $10.


Concert Program:

Behold, a sacred voice by Oglala Lakota
Gaudete! Christus est natus arranged by G. Custer
Barechu by Salamone Rossi
How Lovely are They Dwellings by Johannes Brahms
        (from German Requiem)
Miserere mei Deus by Gregorio Allegri
The Lord is My Shepherd by John Rutter
Hallelujah (from Mount of Olives) by Ludwig von Beethoven
Ubi caritas by Maurice Duruflé
Adinu by Sufi Melody
Gaelic Blessing by John Rutter
O Sifuni Mungu by German Hymn Tune

Once Upon A Time

(May 2, 2017)

Our Once Upon A Time concert was scheduled for May 2nd at 7:30 PM in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at TAMU-CC. Tickets cost $10, no charge for students. 


Concert Program:

The Road Not Taken by Randall Thompson
The Reluctant Dragon: An Entertainment by John Rutter
        Prologue: Once upon a time
        Chorus: Out Through The Cottage Door
        Trio and Chorus: Good Evening Dragon
        Trio: I say, Old Boy, Look Here
        Trio and Chorus: With a One, and a Two
        Trio and Chorus – Tournament: We Want The Dragon
        Chorus – Banquet Fugue: Guzzle, Guzzle, Munch, Munch
        St George and Chorus – Finale: Ey! Just a Minute
             Narrator – Jonathan Wickham
             The Boy – Alyce Oblad
             The Dragon – Devin Davis
             Saint George – Ron George
    Medley from “Les Miserables”  arranged by Ed Lojeski
        At The End Of The Day You’re Another Older
        I Dreamed a Dream
        Castle On a Cloud
        Do You Hear The People Sing?
        On My Own
        Bring Him Home

        Reprise: Do You Heard The People Sing?
        Soloists (in Order of Appearance):
            Jennifer Wickham, soprano
            Logan Quintanilla, soprano
            Ian Wickham, tenor
            Arnold Castillo, baritone
            Craig Jones, tenor
            Diana Ivy, alto
            Becky Johnson, soprano
            Iris Fielden, soprano
            Joe Cecil, tenor
            Paul Villarreal, tenor
            Jason Louis, baritone


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