The Corpus Christi Choral Presents:

The Madrigal Singer (2021)

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The Madrigal Singer premiered May 5, 2021 at 7:30pm. It was streamed Live and in-person the Performing Arts Center at TAMU-CC.

Concert Program:

Under the Greenwood by Ruth Gray (text: William Shakespeare)

The Madrigal Singer  arr. John Leavitt

Fair Phyllis I Saw               John Farmer (1580-1648)
Weep, O Mine Eyes           John Bennet (15-75-1648)
All Lust und Freud            Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612)
Tanzen und Springen       Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612)
Il Est Bel Et Bon                 Pierre Passereau (1509-1547)
Tant Que Vivay                  Claudin de Sermisy (1490-1562)
Fa Una Canzona               Orazio Vecchi (1532-1594)

Bonzorno Madonna       Antonio Scandelo (1517-1580) 

If Ye Love Me                     Peter Niedmann


Goin' Home                       Paul Langford

                                           Melody: Antonin Dvorak

           Cellist: Dr. Carrie Pierce, TAMU-CC Faculty 

Come, Ye Disconsolate      Ethan McGrath

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The Corpus Christi Chorale invites you to travel back in time to witness "The Madrigal Singer."


The Madrigal is a music genre comprised of voices set to poetry. Our line up includes pieces dating all the way back to the 16th-Century — a time of Shakespearean romance, lush gardens and greenery, and fiery passions. This Spring, we invite you to take a true step away from reality and venture into a sonic fantasy like nothing you’ve ever experienced. 

The Madrigal Singer

Where: Online or In-Person at the Performing Arts Center at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

When: May 5, 2021 at 7:30, CDT