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Founded in 1945 by the Music Department of Del Mar College, the Corpus Christi Chorale is a true community chorus comprised of members of all ages, ethnicities, spiritual perspectives, and musical experience. The wide range of repertoire performed by the Corpus Christi Chorale includes choral literature from the great composers of the sixteenth century all the way to the present day. We've been known to sing folk songs, spirituals, and music from stage and screen, as well as recently composed  music.


Each year, the Chorale presents a variety of concerts in the Performing Arts Center at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, as well as its featured annual Home for the Holidays concert with the Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, the Chorale performs at various community events.

Our foundational principles include: 
  1. Collaboration — Each member is invested in one another's work. We strive to be present and prepared at rehearsals with our parts rehearsed so that our sole focus is on music-making. 
  2. Exploration — The Corpus Christi Chorale is known for taking risks and leaning in to the wonder of music. We like to combine new music with the choral tradition so that the singers and their audience experience live music that's both immersive and surprising. 
  3. Dare to Dream — The most incredible thing about performing arts is their ability to free us from reality, engage our imagination, and escape. When we perform together, we leave reality behind and dabble in the wonder of what's possible for our community, our schools, and our hearts.  


Why Sing? Our members sing for a variety of reasons. Some come to us because they remember how much they loved music as a high school or college student. Others come to us because they've just realized how much they love music. Wherever we are in our personal journeys with music, there's something wonderful that happens when a group of diverse individuals sing as one. Click here to learn more about joining the Chorale. 

The Corpus Christi Chorale is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization. The Corpus Christi Chorale relies upon the generosity of our community and sponsors to help offset costs for our day-to-day operations. Your gifts to the CC Chorale are tax-deductible contributions; we will send you a letter acknowledging your donation to retain for tax purposes. To donate, click here

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