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Corpus Christi Chorale Scholarship
for TAMU-CC Students

As a community chorale that supports music education in the broadest sense, each semester the Chorale Board of Directors invites students from Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi to audition for a $500 scholarship to join Chorale.  


The student does not have to be a music major. We only ask that they commit to attending rehearsals and concerts just as any member of Chorale does.  Scholarship recipients must enroll in the 1-hour course MUEN 1143 to receive these funds. This participation earns the student one credit towards their degree. 


Since we began this program, we have been fortunate to have some wonderfully talented singers and invite any TAMU-CC student who is interested to contact our Artistic Director Devin Davis for more information at

To download and fill out your application for the Corpus Christi Chorale Scholarship, click here or the button below

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